MagicShine MJ-808E One Year Review Results Are A Winner

Ready for any bicycle light which will blaze a trail with the darkness without having to burn an opening in your wallet? MagicShine makes powerful Brought lights which are vibrant during the night and lightweight around the pocketbook.

Because the proud who owns a MagicShine MJ-808E bicycle light, I understand the full 1000 lumens of sunshine this produces, especially on individuals cold, foggy, dark nights when I am blasting lower the mountain trying to maintain buddies riding full suspension bikes during a rigid fork single speed.
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I’ve had the MJ-808E for more than a year now. Got it online in a decent cost for any 1000 lumen light. Expectations weren’t particularly high that this is as vibrant as marketed, as well as the cost figured it had been worthwhile. However, I’m able to securely report that i’m more than pleased with how this light has performed in the last 12 several weeks.

This can be a compact bicycle light which has a round grip that attaches to some round surface just like a handlebar. The rubber O-ring attaches around the entrance from the light, then warps round the handlebar and connects towards the backside from the light. Following a year of evening mtb rides and daily commutes back and forth from work, the rubber O-ring continues to be in good shape. Better still, this setup includes two different sized O-rings in the event you want it.

The sunshine set up is made of aluminum having a hard anodized ridged finish. The ridged finish enables the sunshine to dissipate easily because this light will get very warm if this generates 1000 lumens. Fortunately, you will probably not really observe that the sunshine is warm to touch because the ventilation within the light could keep it awesome. However, should you ever turn this light on inside and then leave it on to have an extended period of time, you will observe heat radiating out of this light. This light has organized to all kinds of climate conditions, including sub-freezing temperatures, snow, rain, and foggy conditions. The tightly sealed lens protects the Brought bulb and battery from any type of exposure that may cause harm.

MagicShine has been doing a fantastic job of creating their bicycle lights simple to use and intuitive. Simple to use while you simply push the ability cord in the battery power in to the cord for that light to supply power. And simple to show on by pressing the rubber on/off turn on the rear. Intuitive since the on/off switch may also indicate just how much power remains. Eco-friendly means battery is 75% to completely billed. Blue signifies 50% to 75%. Yellow informs you there’s 25% to 50% from the charge left. Red is perfect for power levels below 25%. If you notice a flashing sore point around the on/off switch, you already know battery is nearly from power.

As I am giving kudos following the twelve months anniversary of owning and taking advantage of the MJ-808E, there’s one downside I observed. Battery pack situation is really a well fitted nylon situation having a velcro enclosure that keeps battery snug and in one location. Such as the light itself, battery pack is made to fit snugly around either the handlebar or even the bike’s top tube. Getting taken battery pack off and on my bike after nearly every bicycle ride previously year, I discovered the loops employed for tightening lower those towards the bicycle began to fray. While by no means performs this diminish the capacity from the light itself, it will make attaching battery towards the bike challenging. Don’t worry though, you will find inexpensive substitute battery power easily available in a fair cost.

Finally, there’s the sunshine itself. The MJ-808E is with a rating of 1000 lumens at full power. Two additional light settings plus one strobe setting can be found. The greatest power 1000 lumen setting will run a couple of.5 hrs or even more with respect to the weather, particularly how cold it’s. To gain access to another light settings, simply push the on and off button to visit the following cheapest setting. To show from the light, you possess the on and off switch lower for 2 seconds. Should you contain the button lower continuously for an additional two seconds, the sunshine goes into strobe mode. Strobe mode is extremely handy whenever you don’t really should see where you stand going as there’s enough light out, but you will want others to determine you.

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