TorqueMaster Spring Cycle Life and Evolution

In The Year 2006 Wayne-Dalton garage doorways made significant enhancements towards the design and materials for Torquemaster springs to be able to further extend performance from the spring cycle existence. Through the years, Wayne Dalton continues to be increasing the Torquemaster spring cycle existence along with other aspects of the machine. Test results have shown the cycle existence exceeds ANSI/DASMA 102 needs for 10,000 cycles. The functional improvement came once the materials to produce the spring was altered from your oil-tempered spring which use an over-all-purpose spring wire. It had been cold attracted, then quenched and tempered after drawing, to get the required tensile strength. Heat treatment procedure enables greater tensile strength than hard attracted within the bigger wire sizes.
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The quench and temper also offers the benefit of developing a very straight material. Even though the oil tempered spring was meeting all of the industry standards Wayne Dalton thought it might further enhance the cycle existence from the spring. The brand new springs are manufactured from a chilly attracted tactic to produce the tensile strength. This process results in a high tensile strength with very good quality and consistency a lot more appropriate for top cycle applications. Observe that should you order new springs to exchange broken ones the garage doors springs might not be exactly the same length or size because the original copies because of the alternation in wire. The 2nd change that happened in 2007 was the modification from what Wayne Dalton known as Torquemaster 1 or even the Original Torquemaster towards the new Torquemaster Plus winding system.

This transformation cut the amount of components in two, would be a much ore robust design and above all added a drop safety device not allowing the doorway to shut when the spring is damaged. The Brand New Torquemaster Plus product is much simpler to set up and winding the spring is a touch not the same as the initial design. That old design you would employ a drill or socket wrench to wind the spring and all sorts of winding components such as the counter wheel all where included in the machine. A few days link within the old system was the nylon gears that frequently would overheat while winding leading to stripped gears.

The brand new design provides more features and is a touch different you wind the springs with wrench, socket or special winding tool that enables you to employ an electrical drill for easy spring winding. The tool simply slides around the uncovered hexagon-winding finish, after this you set the counter wheel to zero and wind the spring towards the preferred quantity of turns having a power drill. When you achieve the preferred quantity of turns put your drill backwards and provide a fast pull from the trigger to produce the tool. Failure to follow along with this last step usually leads to the tool being certain to the winding finish.

The amount of turns is generally obtainable in your user guide or are available in the instructions that include your substitute springs. For me the Torquemaster spring product is one around the easiest garage doors spring systems in the industry to set up, service or repair. The machine has only a couple of shortcomings and something may be the lack of ability to include a higher cycle spring even though the Torquemaster springs do normally have a greater cycle existence than standard springs.

The 2nd short fall from the product is that at the moment it can’t accommodate a side mount operator such as the Liftmaster 3800 or like openers. If you feel the repair has run out of your league please speak to a local dealer who’s qualified to help make the repairs. I generally learn about door companies no longer working around the system or calling the Torquemaster spring insufficient and claiming the machine must be altered to a torsion type. Save your valuable self 100’s of dollars and try to escape from the dealer that states they can’t switch the existing broken springs with similar kind of spring.

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